What Happens If You Do Not Change Your AC Filter?

You can get the most of your system just by changing air filters. When you ignore these air filters, you risk higher energy costs and compromise indoor air quality. Changing filters is one of the important and also overlooked home maintenance tasks. Here are five harmful effects that you might have to face for not changing your air filters regularly.

  • Moisture Along With Mold Contamination

Many dirt particles and debris can enter your system if you do not change the air filters. The dirty air filters will not filter the airflow, and this causes the allergens to enter the air conditioner. Only HEPA and high-energy filters can filter out these particles.

If you have high-quality filters and still fail to change them regularly, then the buildup of moisture on these dirty filters can cause mold development. Whatever dirt particles and pollutants enter the system, they circulate in your room later on, which can cause health problems too. Book an AC service in Walnut, CA, to resolve these problems immediately.

  • Waste Of Money

Dirty air filters affect the airflow rate too. When your AC is running, the conditioned air sits around the coil, and then it is either heated or cooled. When blown out of the system, this air will not carry its set temperature because the dirt on the air filters obstructs the airflow.

Due to this slow airflow, the system takes a lot of time to maintain the desired temperature in the room. While doing this, the efficiency of the system is lost. Additionally, due to this extra running time, your electricity bills are raised too. It is better to schedule an AC maintenance in Walnut, CA before the problem gets serious.

  • Stagnant Air In The Room

When the airflow is dropped in the room, the air becomes stagnant. Due to this, the dust and moisture in the room start to settle in places by falling onto the surface. If you use chemical sprays in the room, the ingredients in these cleansers mix with the air particles in your room. The surface gets filled with tiny dirt particles which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

There have been reports that in rooms where there is no airflow, the stagnant air has even changed the colour of walls and furniture. Changing your air filters will restore the airflow in your room, and you could avoid these horrific situations.

  • Damages The Blower Fans And Ductwork

Not changing your air filters will make the system fail. These air filters are not designed to filter air forever, and they need to be either changed or cleaned regularly. When not cleaned, the dirt in the filters enters the core components of the air conditioner and causes system failure. Changing filters each month itself will allow you to save around 15% on your utility bills.

These reasons should convince you to change filters regularly. If you find it difficult to change these filters, call us at (626) 392-1058 for all your AC service in Walnut, CA, needs.