How Long Should An AC Sit Before Turning It On?

Air conditioning units are no longer a system that is employed simply for convenience. In contemporary times, owing to climate variation, the temperatures in the summertime season usually grow to an intolerable level. This is the reason why air conditioners have become a must for every homeowner in California. However, due to extreme wear and tear and lack of timely AC repair in Walnut, your unit can become prone to damages and can incur high costs while reducing its efficiency.

Tips To Turn On Your Air Conditioner After A Long Time Of Sitting Idle

With the summer season around the corner, you might be planning to start your air conditioning unit after a long time of the unit remaining idle, gathering all the dust and debris. Hence, it is always advised to properly take care of the unit before switching it back on for the summers.

In addition to this, you must also check for all the potential damages and then determine whether you wish to call for repairs or you need to look for a new air conditioning installation near me. Below-mentioned are a few tips that you can follow while turning your air conditioners after a long idle time –

  • Monitor The Thermostat

The thermostat commands your air conditioning system if your place requires more cooling or not. Hence, it is necessary to examine the thermostat to warrant that the unit receives the appropriate commands.

  • Repair Broken Duct works

Disclosed duct works can seldom wear out and can create leaks. Therefore, you must ensure to get such faulty duct works serviced by calling up a professional for AC repair in Walnut for efficient cooling.

  • Inspect The Drain Line

Over time, grime can accumulate in the drain line and create a blockage. If the sewer line is obstructed, water will locate its way in different directions and can cause numerous damage to your unit. So you must always inspect the drain line before starting your air conditioning unit after a long time.

  • Clean Or Replace Air Filters

The dirt and dust clung in the air filters limit your air conditioning unit from performing its role. Additionally, it can point to lower indoor air quality. According to the kind of air filters you possess, you can decide to clean or replace them before you turn on your AC.

  • Inspect Electrical Connections

Wiring issues can prevent your air conditioning unit from working accurately. This can sometimes limit power from reaching the system. Inspecting electrical connections will not only hold your system but further keep you and your family safe.

  • Inspect The Refrigerant Line

Leaks can make refrigerants or coolants escape out of the unit. Hence, you must always inspect the refrigerant line before getting a refill.

There is no better way to make your air conditioning unit summer-ready than scheduling a professional maintenance service to get your unit properly inspected and repaired so that it runs efficiently throughout the season.

We can always assist you in making your system summer-ready at the most affordable rates. For all your repair requirements or air conditioning installation near me, you can call Allstar Heating & Air at (626)-392-1058 to resolve all your HVAC-related problems.