How Do You Prepare Your Air Conditioner For The Summer?

According to various HVAC experts, it is always advisable to keep your AC clean and well maintained throughout the year. However, during the winters, when the air conditioners are not in action, many people tend to forget them and become negligent about their maintenance.

This is why many homeowners face issues with their air conditioners when the summers arrive. Hence, for the optimal working of your air conditioning unit, you must always ensure to call up an expert for routine AC service in Walnut to reduce the chances of high-priced repairs and to remain cool and comfortable throughout the summer season.

Tips To Make Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready

When your air conditioner remains out of function for several months, many unwanted particles like dust and debris can get collected and harm your machine to such an extent that you might have to schedule a new HVAC installation in Walnut. Below-mentioned are some of the essential tips that can assist in getting your unit ready for the summers –

  • Clean Or Replace The Air Filters

Cleaning the air filters is one of the most important tasks towards making your AC summer-ready. The majority of AC comes with filters that can be easily changed or reused after cleaning. However, the air filters must be cleaned every month as they may get clogged with dust particles making the air inside your house less cool and making the air circulation less efficient.

  • Make Sure The Condenser Coils Are Cleaned Properly.

The condenser is a large metal box with a fan inside. During the hibernation state, leaves and dirt can get accumulated in the condenser. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean it, or else it may decrease the coils’ efficiency. To clean the condenser, the first step must be to remove the side grilles through a screwdriver; after that, use a coil brush to clean the coils gently so that the fins are not damaged.

  • Inspect The Coolant Lines Properly

The refrigerant pipes are responsible for producing cool air from the humid air. These pipes are located from the evaporator to the condenser outside the house and are covered with foam insulation to prevent energy loss. However, if there are any areas where insulation may be missing, you can simply replace it by installing foam insulation sleeves to maintain the insulation.

  • Test Your Unit

After performing all the steps mentioned above, the final step is to check the functionality of your machine. Hence, the first step in this process is to turn the thermostat off, turn the power on from the main panel and set the thermostat mode to “COOL”. If the machine doesn’t respond, contact a professional for AC service in Walnut to get your machine looked up.

To conclude, with the help of these steps, you can easily make your unit ready for the summer. However, if you’re facing any issues related to service or looking for a reliable company for your HVAC installation in Walnut, we are always there at your service. For booking an appointment with our highly expert technicians, you can call us anytime at (626)-392-1058.