How Do You Know If Your AC Filter Is Dirty?

You are not alone to forget about cleaning your AC filters. With the hectic life we are leading, it is easy to forget when you last cleaned your AC filters. To properly maintain your Air conditioner, you need to keep your air conditioners clean.

The following are some signs that indicate that your air filters are dirty –

  • Energy Spikes

When the air filters get dirty, they clog the airflow in your room. The constant airflow is disturbed because of the dirt and debris on air filters blocking them. These dirt particles even enter inside the system and get accumulated in the coils. When the coils get clogged, the system’s ability to produce cool air is affected.

Because of this, the system takes a long time to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. The longer the system works on cooling the air, the higher will be your energy bills. Clean filters increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and decrease energy consumption.

  • The Air Conditioner Unit Gets Hot!

One vital sign that your air filters are dirty is that the air conditioner unit gets too hot. The back of your AC gets hot due to dirty filters. Sometimes, even the air blowing out of the air conditioner turns hot. Dirty air filters will not allow the cool air to pass through the system. As a result, you will sit in a hot and humid room even when the system is turned on. There could be other reasons too when your AC is blowing hot air. Call an expert of AC service in Walnut, CA, to diagnose your system.

  • Allergy Attacks

If you have allergies to dirt particles, you should pay more attention to changing/cleaning air filters. Pollen dust and other pollutants get stuck to the air filters. When these pollen particles get more and more attached to the air filters, they circulate in your room. Due to this, you are exposed to many allergies. Clean filters, on the other hand, can impact your health positively. Keeping the air filters clean will improve your indoor air quality.

  • Dusty Air Vents

If you find dust near the surfaces around vents, it is a sign that your air filters are dirty. There is a clear way to identify dirty filters. It is called the white sheet test. For this test, hang a clean white sheet 5 inches away from your vents. Let it hang there for approximately an hour. The color of the sheet determines the cleanness of your air filters. If the sheets get greyer, then it is time to clean your filters either yourself or call professionals for AC maintenance in Walnut, CA, to do it for you.

Apart from improved air quality and cleaner air circulation, there are many advantages of clean air filters. Sometimes it can be hard to identify that your filters got dirty. When you find yourself in such doubtful situations, call an expert to solve the problem efficiently.

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