4 Ways To Reduce Your AC Noise

Summer in Walnut City means that the air conditioner is always running to combat the heat. Unfortunately, HVAC systems produce a lot of annoying noise if not taken care of. Cooling your home does not necessarily mean breaking the peace and tranquility you deserve.

Sound intensity is measured in a unit called decibels (dB). According to audiology research, the pain threshold for a human being is between 115 and140 decibels. Thus, the air conditioning unit should be between 70 and 75 dB. This level of noise can make you feel uncomfortable during the day. So how to reduce the noise?

Ways to Reduce AC Noise

  • Select the location carefully

When installing a new AC unit, select the location of the thermal control system carefully. Install the AC away from the bedroom or a place with frequent activities. It limits the number of work disruptions during the day due to noise.

When consulting the location with the contractor, avoid installing the unit in narrow or small corridors. The sound from the AC will reverberate off by the wall, and the small space acts as a sound amplifier. Also, avoid placing the new unit in the corner, where multiple surfaces will reflect the sound.

  • Use a soundproof blankets

A cost-efficient way to reduce noise is to ask your HVAC technician to install a noise blanket around the compressor of your AC unit. It will encase the compressor and help to reduce noise without compromising AC performance.

  • Installing noise barriers

Plant Vegetation absorbs sound and acts as a buffer. It restricts the sound waves that travel between your AC unit and your home. Tactile wooden fences are also effective because wood can absorb and block sound. All barriers must be taller than the unit to be constructive noise barriers.

Be careful when using these two methods. Improperly installed barriers can amplify or redirect sound waves to your home. It can also block airflow and reduce the performance of the system. Ensure that all obstacles are at least 2 feet away from any outdoor unit. To avoid damage to the air conditioner, consult your HVAC professional before making any changes.

  • Schedule regular AC maintenance

Some noise in HVAC systems may be due to clogs, damage, or components that are not performing optimally. This type of disruption is easy to avoid with regular AC maintenance, including cleaning up seasonal trash or debris, replacing filters, cleaning drains, and updating your unit.

At times, the above method of reducing AC noise may be ineffective. Until the problem is properly addressed, the noise will continue to exist. It can go up even more. To prevent this, hire an expert AC installation or AC repair in Walnut to check and rectify the cause.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of air conditioners is much more than reducing noise. Here are some benefits:

  • Noise reduction
  • Better air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • The longer service life of appliances

Enjoy fresh air in your Walnut home without worrying about the annoying hum of air conditioning. For the best air conditioning installation near me, call Allstar Heating & Air Conditioning at (626) 392-1058.